• ACAW 2019: August 12–15

2018 was our third workshop event. Here is a look at 2018’s topic, speakers, and participants.

The 2018 ACAWorkshop offered industry experts the freedom to collaborate in an exploratory environment – alternately guiding the design of facade solutions and contributing knowledge and experience to focus on the bioclimatic function of terra cotta.

Representatives of industry and academia from around the world gathered in Buffalo, NY for the 2018 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, presented by Boston Valley Terra Cotta and the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning and supported by the UB Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART).

The workshop’s objective focused on introducing and considering the properties of terra cotta earlier in the architect’s design process and to develop research and design models between manufacturing and architectural industries useful to the efficient production of facade solutions.

Methods of study vary from research and experimentation to modeling, rapid prototyping and construction of terra cotta units. With access to Boston Valley’s 3D CAD/CAM technology including RHINO software, CNC machining, and 5-axis routing, as well as their forming capabilities of architectural terra cotta – slip cast, hand press, RAM press and extrusion – participants had a unique opportunity to produce physical prototypes to theoretical studies.

Through pre-design and prototype development, teams’ explorations included the use of new digital tools in the production of terra cotta assemblies, the development of unitized façade systems, and how the variable materiality of terra cotta (through-body color, finish and glaze) can inform and enhance a façade’s bioclimatic performance.

The ACAWorkshop culminated in a weeklong event, with teams constructing system models from their prototypes, and presenting their studies to peers in the industry.

2018 Teams

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Keynote Speaker

Christopher Sharples, AIA

Principal, SHoP Architects

Christopher Sharples is a Principal of SHoP with a focus on cultural projects and master planning. He has earned a reputation as a thoughtful leader of his generation of innovative architects and a powerful advocate for design quality and community values in contemporary city-building.

At the final presentation of the ACAWorkshop, Chris Sharples showcased a selection of the firm’s extensive list of projects, illustrating the use of the model as an iterative, organic tool in the design process. Sharples discussed technology and software’s capacity to further the innovation of the manufacturing and construction industries.

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