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Material, Structure & Manufacturing

2018 was our third workshop event.

The workshop focused on the opportunity to materially explore design with terra cotta, as well as manufacturing techniques and structural approaches.

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Keynote Speaker

Christopher Sharples, AIA

Principal, SHoP Architects

Christopher Sharples is a Principal of SHoP with a focus on cultural projects and master planning. He has earned a reputation as a thoughtful leader of his generation of innovative architects and a powerful advocate for design quality and community values in contemporary city-building.

At the final presentation of the ACAWorkshop, Chris Sharples showcased a selection of the firm’s extensive list of projects, illustrating the use of the model as an iterative, organic tool in the design process. Sharples discussed technology and software’s capacity to further the innovation of the manufacturing and construction industries.

Craig Copeland, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Associate Partner, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

In Craig Copeland’s lecture, he spoke about his personal work as an artist working with ceramics and stone and how it balances and influences his work as an architect. Additionally, he detailed some of his Rome Fulbright studies, learning about Etruscan funerary hut urns and various medium that are Italian by nature, and the cyclical process he takes between sketching, modeling, and sculpting.

Matthew Krissel, AIA, LEED AP

Partner, KieranTimberlake

Matthew Krissel spoke about the collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to design taken at KieranTimberlake. Their firm stresses the importance of research in the initial stages of design and the value of collective intelligence in the design process.

Gerd Hoenicke

Director of Pre-Construction Services, Schüco

Gerd Hoenicke gave a lecture on, “The Design Principals of Unitized Façades,” where he outlined the differences between American and European unitized façade systems, detailing his reasons behind his preference for the latter over the former.

Christine Jetten

Glaze Artist, Owner, Studio Christine Jetten

The ceramic glaze artist, who participated alongside Team University at Buffalo to create the iridescent glazes for their prototype, discussed her international work creating custom glazes for architectural facades. Jetten has worked with Boston Valley Terra Cotta in the past to formulate different unique glazes for various projects.

William M. Carty

Ph.D., Alfred University

Dr. Carty’s lecture was entitled, “Limitation Considerations for Clay & Glaze.” He informed the attendees about the relationship between ceramic clay bodies and the surface coating of glaze, going into technical detail about the strength and failure of these materials.

Anne Currier

Studio Artist

Anne Currier is a renowned ceramic artist and professor emerita of the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Anne’s relationship and work with Boston Valley Terra Cotta has lead to the creation of various custom ceramic tile walls, such as the Miller Theatre at Alfred University, the Boston Valley conference room, and at One Great Jones Alley in New York City. Anne talked about her past and present projects with Boston Valley, specifically the design and manufacturing of terra cotta tiles for her upcoming solo exhibition at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, entitled Display

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