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Architectural Record: Terra Cotta Workshop Attracts Top Architecture Firms

TITLE: Terra Cotta Workshop Attracts Top Architecture Firms
SOURCE: Architectural Record
AUTHOR: Josephine Minutillo
DATE: 9.30.19

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The 2019 ACAWorkshop was featured in an article published by Architectural Record, discussing the revival of terra cotta as a popular building material.

The event, hosted by Boston Valley Terra Cotta and the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and planning, encourages a greater understanding of the material properties of terra cotta among architecture professionals. The article draws a connection between current building projects using terra cotta in the façade and the participants of the ACAWorkshop.

“This workshop is an opportunity to combine professional and industry engagement in a transdisciplinary way to address the larger question of research,” says Omar Khan, a professor at UB’s School of Architecture and Planning and coleader of SMART.

Featured Image: Closeup on SHoP Architect’s prototype at the ACAWorkshop: their concept involved a reciprocal terra cotta arch with a two-toned glaze. Photo credit: Michele Taberski.

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