• Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop


  • Participants from SHoP Architects at the 2019 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, photo credit: Michele Taberski

Architect’s Newspaper Webinar: Trading Notes – Experimentation of Architectural Ceramics

TITLE: Experimentation in Architectural Ceramics
SOURCE: Trading Notes, Architect’s Newspaper
DATE: 02.10.2020

Trading Notes is a weekly virtual live show by The Architect’s Newspaper, May 29th speakers came together online to discuss the ongoing innovation and progress brought about by the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop.

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“The Architectural Ceramics Assemblies Workshop (ACAW), hosted by Boston Valley Terra Cotta and the University at Buffalo, is an annual gathering and opportunity to part the veil behind the architectural terra-cotta manufacturing process, experiment with new concepts, and physically transform them into full-scale prototypes. This panel brings together organizers and participants of the workshop in an hour-long presentation and discussion of the multiyear program, advanced fabrication techniques, and the long-term possibilities of the industry.”

Learning Objectives:
• Learning the history and mechanics of terra-cotta fabrication
• Strategies to blend digital design with handcrafted architectural components
• Understanding the potentials of design-assist manufacturing
• How to apply terra-cotta for both exterior and interior uses

Andy Brayman, The Matter Factory
Craig Copeland, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Graham Clegg, STUDIOS
Erik Verboon, Walter P Moore
Omar Khan, University in Buffalo School of Architecture & Planning

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