Eric Parry – “Architectural Practice is a Collaborative Exercise”

How a garage, a carpet and living on a bus helped shape Eric Parry

AUTHOR: Pamela Buxton
DATE: July 19, 2023
SOURCE: The RIBA Journal

The RIBA Journal interviews architect Eric Parry on his long-standing career, his priorities, obstacles, and his most treasured possession. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

“Do you think the profession was too slow to grasp the need to design more sustainably? What more needs to be done?”

“Definitely. The industry tends to be reactive – from government to planning policy and only then does everyone step up to the mark. The RIBA has become more proactive. We should be railing against the procurement policy of government and demanding better practice with regard to sustainability. There’s a lack of commitment, and a remarkable short sightedness. The most important thing about sustainability is durability, so we’re nuts to be designing for a 60-year building life.”

Read the full interview here.

Eric Parry is the Opening Keynote Speaker at ACAW 2023, presented annually by Boston Valley Terra Cotta in Buffalo, NY.

Eric Parry Architects together with FMDC Ltd. are one of this year’s Professional Teams presenting their explorations at the ACAW 2023 Symposium on Thursday, August 17th.