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Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Bringing a project to its completion is an involved process that requires several steps to ensure quality in the fabrication of our products.

Over the last 30 years, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has invested $18 million in capital improvements. This has given them a competitive edge by assuring that we produce materials of the highest quality with on-time delivery. The manufacture of terra cotta is a process with specific stages, needs, and time constraints. Boston Valley strives to help clients understand this process by maintaining an open dialogue throughout production to ensure the successful completion of each project.


Our lab utilizes an industrial laser cutter, a 5-axis CNC machine, and a complete suite of architectural and digital sculpting programs to rapidly produce prototypes, mockups and models, molds and dies used in the manufacturing of the final product. The prototypes give us and the architect the ability to understand the design as true three-dimensional parts that can be touched and observed in different heights, angles and potentially various patterns. In some cases these machines and technology cut out tedious or time-consuming parts of the manufacturing process, allowing our employees to focus on the true craft of terra cotta manufacturing. This technology, combined with our historic craftsmanship and material knowledge gives us an unparalleled edge in the fabrication of custom designs.

Learn more about Boston Valley’s design and production capabilities by visting their website. 

University at Buffalo SMART Fabrication Factory

The SMART Fabrication Factory is a prototyping facility whose mission focuses on developing collaborative research with industry.

In response to SMART’s grand challenge to develop advanced materials, technologies and processes that enable the sustainable, data-driven, cost-effective production of high quality, customizable products, the factory provides space and instrumentation to build full scale, testable prototypes. The factory contains a 3axis OMAX Maxiem 1530 waterjet cutter, a Universal Laser Systems laser cutter and an L&L frontloading kiln. In addition it has room to house architectural scaled projects.

Learn more about the SMART Facilities & Equipment by visiting their website.


The Matter Factory


Alfred University


Facade Tectonics



Join Us for the ACAWorkshop 2019 Presentations

WHEN: Thursday, August 15th

WHERE: The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in Buffalo, New York

Join us for the final presentations to see, first hand, the exiting ways we are pushing the boundaries of architectural terra cotta followed by the much-anticipated Keynote delivered by Sara Lopergolo, AIA, Partner, Selldorf Architects.

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