Green Building & Design interviews John Krouse about the impact ACAW has on modern architecture

Green Building & Design (gb&d) magazine wrote an article about the use of Architectural Terra Cotta for modern buildings in response to the changing needs of new buildings. They also dive into Boston Valley’s Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW) and the possibilities, limitations, and design flexibility of architectural terra-cotta.

Change—exploring the possibilities, limitations, and additional research required of architectural terra-cotta—requires creativity and experimentation. This is why the ACAW was born in 2016.
In the months preceding the live event in late summer, teams are assembled to address a hypothetical project involving ATC. “It’s like an open charette,” Krouse says. “The teams spend several months learning how the material can be used. It’s fun and competitive, and what comes out of each team is amazing.”

The Goody Clancy Architects team at ACAW 2021. Photo courtesy of Boston Valley Terra Cotta

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TITLE: Architectural Terra-Cotta is Tough, Lightweight, Versatile, and Green
SOURCE: gb&d
AUTHOR: Russ Klettke
DATE: 08.16.2021