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Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop Furthers Advancements in High Performance Facades

ACAW 2017 Press Release - Industry experts gather to address terra cotta’s potential in advanced manufacturing of bioclimatic structures and environments.
August 2, 2017/by otherwisz

Industry Experts to Gather for the 2nd Annual ACAWorkshop

Originally published on BostonValley.com - Architects, engineers and ceramic artists from across the country and Europe will be attending the second annual Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW) being held Monday, August 14 through Thursday, August 17.
July 21, 2017/by otherwisz

The Future of Ceramics is Being Developed in Buffalo, NY

Originally published on ArchPaper.com - Boston Valley Terra Cotta was recently featured in Architect’s Newspaper. The article, “The future of ceramics is being developed in Buffalo, New York” by Matt Shaw, highlights Boston Valley’s transformation from a flower pot business started in 1889 to a leading innovator in the Terra Cotta industry – maintaining a superior level of craftsmanship while simultaneously incorporating digital technology to allow more experimentation with clay-based building systems.
June 2, 2017/by graphiclux

Recap of 2016 ACAWorkshop Featured in UB School of Architecture and Planning Magazine

Featured in B/a+p Magazine - The 2016 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, hosted by Boston Valley Terra Cotta, brought together our sculptors and designers with faculty and students from the University at Buffalo as well as educators, artists and architects from around the world for five days of group-based learning and ‘clay storming’ sessions. The Workshop focused on the experimentation of large-scale applications for ceramic components.
April 14, 2017/by otherwisz

ACAWorkshop mentioned on Elstudio

Originally published on elstudio.nl - A workshop program dedicated to the experimentation of large-scale applications for ceramic components, the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop brings together a collection of interdisciplinary professionals working collaboratively in small groups to explore innovative ceramic façade solutions to architectural challenges.
August 8, 2016/by otherwisz

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop: Bioclimatic Ceramic Systems

Originally published on BuffaloRising.com - An architectural workshop is underway in Buffalo that has managed to attract acclaimed architects, engineers and ceramic artists from around the world. The Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW) is being hosted by Boston Valley Terra Cotta in partnership with University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning; Alfred University; Data Clay and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
April 26, 2016/by graphiclux

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