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Interested in testing the structural potential of terra cotta outside common façade applications, Studio Gang designed a large-scale prototype that investigates the material’s compressive capability. Influenced by historic assembly methods as well as new fabrication technologies, the pointed-arch prototype (nicknamed “Archey”) demonstrates the spanning potential of this carbon-efficient building material by tensioning individual, extruded terra cotta units into a single, monolithic construction. Loosening the high-strength tensioning cables allows the entire prototype to be easily disassembled and reinstalled without waste. By reintroducing large-scale, structural terra cotta applications into production and use, the design demonstrates the environmental and functional possibilities of a modular, reusable, and low-carbon construction system.

Team Participants

Team Members

Studio Gang: Jeanne Gang, Founding Principal, Partner; Weston Walker, Design Principal, Partner; Maciej Kaczyński (Team Coordinator), Senior Project Leader; Claire Cahan, Design Director; Schuyler Smith, Design Director, Shop; Austin Chod, New York Shop Manager; Peter Heppel, Technology Fellow; Lydia Link, Build Shop Manager, Urban Ecology Specialist; Carlos Hernandez, Building Engineer

Walter P. Moore: Erik Verboon, Principal, Managing Director; Dan Reynolds, Associate, Structures; Katherine Chan, Associate, Structures

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